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The problem of the study is stated here. The researcher writes under this section his plan of action for the problem and why he chose such problem. This should also be supported with background information regarding the problem.


It is a brief overview of the whole study. It also includes a concise result of the experiment.

                     This research aims to find out if kamias extract can be used as browning inhibitor for tropical fruits.
Several concentrations of kamias extract were prepared. Slices of different fruits were treated with different concentrations of kamias extract and observed for several days. After evaluating the results, it was found out that kamias extract inhibits the enzymic browning only of pineapple fruits.

Paper Works!

I. Tittle

II. Abstract


IV.Review of Related Literature


VI. Result and Discussion

VII. Summary and Conclusion

VIII. Recommendation

this is the format of the final paper, follow this format and you will get it right :)

Project Proposal

I. Tittle

II.. Objectives
(three objectives)

III. Materials Needed

IV. Procedure

V. Project Plan

VI. Time Table

Date:           Time:              What to do/Task:

VII. Task of Each Member

Name:              Task/ Contribution:

this will be the format of the Project proposal the 2nd step in making the Science Investigatory Project.

Starting Your Investigatory

First you make your research  design your, research design contain these questions:

1) What is your interest?

2) What is your problem?

3)What is the tentative answer to the problem?

4) What are your ways in answering the problem?

After you have answered this question you should be sure it is approved.Then you can proceed to the "Project Proposal".